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PollyAnn Productions, LLC
Mariam Arthur
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Welcome to PollyAnn Productions!
We invite you to share our vision to elevate the art of positive filmmaking. Through fostering working relationships between independent filmmakers, film industry professionals and financial sources, we strengthen the skills of individuals and provide opportunities for growth.

Beginning April 10, 2007, Mariam Arthur will be in Phnom Penh launching

PollyAnn Productions promotes the Thunderbird International Film Festival, an event of Southern Utah University founded by Mariam Arthur in 2001. Mariam travels to other festivals and film industry events sharing the vision of Thunderbird. You can follow Mariam on the road by checking out the web BLOG below:

Lady Mariam, the Road Gypsy

Mariam's Photo of the Week

In Cambodia
National Museum, Phnom Penh

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