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Cambodia Film Production

During my recent trip to Cambodia, I met with members of the Cinema and Cultural Diffusion Department of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. This is the governmental agency overseeing film production.

I also met with several members of the Cambodian film production community who had worked on projects such as City of Ghosts, Tomb Raiders, The Killing Fields and the recently filmed Holly, starring the late Chris Penn.
There is currently no acting film commission other than the "Dept. of Cinema." Therefore, I am dedicating myself to work with the Dept. of Cinema to bring more "Hollywood" film production to Cambodia.
It is my goal to foster a "win-win" relationship between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the film industry. Beautiful locations, low production costs and few governmental restrictions are attractive to filmmakers, but care must be taken not to destroy natural resources or exploit the Khmer people.
I am helping organize production resources and developing a website for film production information. I will be living part-time in the US and part-time in Cambodia, while traveling to international film markets, festivals and location trade shows. I am available to assist film production throughout the entire process from the initial permit to exiting customs with your film cans intact.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am still researching the realities of film production in Cambodia by meeting with the filmmakers and producers of recent films made in Cambodia. Until this process is complete, I can not recommend any specific film production. Please contact me if you have questions about a future film project.

CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia *Hosted by Camerado* Now accepting Entries here!

Jason Rosette runs Camerado, a production facility located in Phnom Penh. He is highly qualified to help any filmmaker, company or organization from production design to the final edit.

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