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Brandon Smith, a.k.a. 2 Krayze  is 14 years old, is an exceedingly polite "A" student at a college-preparatory school, a poet, actor, musician, producer, prolific writer, dancer and an outstanding basketball and baseball player. He is a student of music and for years has written his own lyrics; created/mixed his own beats, choreographs his live performances, works with real “Old-School Musicians” and acts in school plays.  He is a rapper with positive messages, an up and coming actor and a mesmerizing entertainer with an electrifying high-energy style performance, complete with a mixture of street-dancing and smooth choreography.


2 Krayze has started an innovative and affirmative movement with his “Old-School Savvy” and “Modern-Day-Pop-Appeal” resulting in a musical and lyrical phenomenon that gives him a unique “Niche” in the entertainment industry.  2 Krayze is pioneering the direction to show the World that there is a place for education to be cool fused with positive rap, positive role-models and innovative artistic expression.


Many boys aspire to be successful, but 2 Krayze has a few advantages.  He has friends in high places, including Joe Maloof, owner, of the Sacramento Kings and Palms Casino/Hotel and G. William Hunter, Executive Director of the NBA’s Player’s Association. His parents are music industry veterans.  His mom, Renee G., is a former Warner Brothers and CBS Records executive and his dad, George, has tutored and managed clients such as Bobby Brown, L.A. Reid, Charlie Wilson, The Gap Band, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and others.   


2 Krayze is a national and local representative for the NBA’s “Reading to Achieve” program. He also performs and speaks at events, both for the NBA Kings and the WNBA Monarchs. He has been on the News, interviewed by KCRA TV, The Sacramento Bee and several magazines.  Everyone is saying, “2 Krayze, ‘The Chocolate Thunder’ and ‘The Fresh Prince of Newcastle’  is going to be a superstar and the next Will Smith.”      2 Krayze was interviewed and selected as a client by the prestigious law firm of Manatt, Phelps and Philips.


In his recording studio, under bright lights, 2 Krayze is fiddling with the controls of his recording equipment, his lanky body dwarfed by the massive speakers, keyboards and computer screens. He is rapping about “Staying in School,” about subjects that are anything but sexy. In fact, his songs are about abstaining from sex, drugs and alcohol. They are about God, integrity, respect and loving your mother and father.



2 Krayze says, "I want to be a mega entertainer, actor, attorney and businessman.  I am a leader and I set high standards because I am proud to be a positive “Role-Model.  Kids now, their idols are “Gangster Rappers” or people who drop out of school or end up in jail.  I just think an education and a degree would be much better for you.   I see myself as a “Superstar” and I intend to be “The Next Big Thing“! 


Inside the family's living room, alongside photographs of Smokey Robinson, and other giants of the industry is a picture of Brandon as a toddler, his hands caressing piano keys. His parents bought him an acoustic guitar when he was 2. At 5, he got his first professional set of drums. 2 Krayze‘s musical idols are Michael Jackson, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Morris Day, The Gap Band, Run DMC and DMX.   But his role-model is Will "Fresh Prince" Smith, the wildly successful bubble-gum rapper and actor.


"I just love performing," says 2 Krayze, who typically wears a suit, hat and sequined gloves onstage.  “When I'm performing, I'm so focused. I'm thinking about nothing but dancing and rapping and how I'm going to get that crowd yelling and screaming.  I'm trying to appeal to everyone, not necessarily just Christians, and the youth.  I hope I do have an impact on kids, to encourage them to go to school and college. But I want to speak to grown-ups, too. I'm talking about people ages 1 to 100."


2 Krayze says he has a personal ritual before performing. "I'll psyche myself up to get ready," he explains. "I usually stretch a lot.  I warm up my body. And I pray. I pray for God to bless me in the performance and to allow me to do it the way it's supposed to be done, and for the show to be a success.  I never get nervous.  I don't think of it that way. I'm getting good grades, I'm playing basketball, and I’m doing music. That's not pressure. It's fun."


2 Krayze performs at various homeless shelters, the Angel Program, schools, churches, Life Sports Camps, and for inner-city disadvantaged kids. He has been “Special Guest  with his Uncle Charlie Wilson from the Gap Band at a Concord Pavilion Concert featuring Cameo, Confunction, and Morris Day. 


Congresswoman Maxine Waters invited 2 Krayze as “Special Guest” to perform for her issue forum, “Young, Gifted and Black, “during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 33rd Annual Legislative Conference in Washington D.C.  She is a big fan and admires him for his positive lyrics, good music and affirmative messages to the youth.   The forum focused on how to change the negative impact of some recording artists that utilize violence, offensive language and sexual exploitation in their lyrics and videos. The panel featured Russell Simmons, Angie Stone, M.C. Lyte, Mos Def, Reverend Run and Cedric the Entertainer. 


Kings owner, Joe Maloof, is one of 2 Krayze‘s biggest fans. "He's going to be big. I just know it!  Everyone who sees him loves him” says Joe Maloof.    Mr. Maloof personally arranged for 2 Krayze to perform at the Arco Arena during half- time on December 26, 2004 and during the fourth playoff game in May, 2005 that was televised.  2 Krayze wowed the crowd and he got to sit courtside for the basketball game, within eye contact

of power forward Chris Webber.  "He and I were glancing at each other," 2 Krayze

 recalls. "We connected." 


The Joe Maloof and Billy Hunter alliance led to participation in various artistic events associated with the NBA All-Star game in Denver. "This is just a great opportunity for

2 Krayze to demonstrate his talents and to rap his way to College," says Billy Hunter, Executive Director of the NBA Players Association and a friend of George's. 2 Krayze is mannerly and polite. He is multi-talented, and his message is wholesome and refreshing.  Maybe people are ready for that. Today, the NBA - Tomorrow, the World.


2 Krayze performed at the 2005 NBA All Star Weekend at the following activities:


Ÿ          NBA Reading Rally

Ÿ          Club NBA at All Star Jam Session

Ÿ          NBA Center Court - Special Concert: 2 Krayze, Jon B., Amerie & Ruben Studdard


2 Krayze co- produced his just completed self-entitled album.  His self-written lyrics and music deliver positive messages to our youth about:


Ÿ          Staying in School

Ÿ          Graduating from College

Ÿ          Abstaining from Sex

Ÿ          Saying “No” to Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco

Ÿ          Respecting Yourself and Others

Ÿ          Honoring your Mother and Father


2 Krayze received product endorsement from Stacy Adams and Florsheim, which includes clothes, shoes and jewelry.  He will be on a National Tour with the NBA Entertainment’s Rhythm & Rims and will visit some cities that have NBA teams.   He performed at the 2005 California State Fair.  2 Krayze will be on a Family & Fun All Star Tour and a National 40 city tour with Radio Disney & Nickelodeon All Stars. 


2 Krayze has ventured onto the big screen and has completed his first film project.  He will also have the leading role in the movie listed below that will start filming in 2006:  



An action adventure movie mixed with comedy and a dash of hip hop also starring, David Carradine and Michael Madsen.


 His website is:


“Brandon/2 Krayze is an extraordinary young man.  He is extremely talented, and has superior intellect.  His creativity transcends a young man of his age.  Brandon/2 Krayze is going to be very successful.  I am going to give him all the support I can and I know there are many people who will embrace him along the way.”

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, United States House of Representatives,

35th District of California


"This is just a great opportunity for 2 Krayze to demonstrate his talents.  2 Krayze is mannerly and polite.  He is multi-talented and his message is wholesome and refreshing.  Maybe people are ready for that.  Today, the NBA and Tomorrow, the World.

G. William Hunter, Executive Director, NBA Players’ Association


"I met 2 Krayze at one of our games, and invited him up to my office and he started rapping. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing! I thought, 'What can we do for this kid?'  2 Krayze is going to be big.  I just know it!  I am one of his biggest fans.  Everyone who sees him loves him.”                                                                                                                     Joe Maloof, Owner of the NBA Sacramento Kings, WNBA Sacramento Monarchs and Palms Casino/Hotel


The market is ripe for an act like 2 Krayze.  Because of the FCC's crackdown and the desire to clean up the airwaves, it's more conducive to positive messages right now. 2 Krayze’s family background is a huge advantage.  He has a head start because his parents have contacts in the industry and understand the workings of the business.  If it's good music, it doesn't have to be bang-bang, shoot 'em up.  There is room for positive rap if the music is good."                                                                              

 Minal Patel, R&B, Hip–Hop, Rap, Reggae Charts Manager, Billboard Magazine