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The World According to Mariam

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Here are just a few of my treasured photgraphs - enjoy!

Sundance 2003
This is my favorite Sundance photo.

I attended the Sundance Film Festival on a Press Pass, writing for the University Journal and One of my many interviews was with Matt Dillon. He premiered his film, City of Ghosts. Matt brought his co-star, nicknamed, Srash, from Cambodia. This was Srash's first visit to America.

Geology Field Trip 2003
Golden Gate National Park Coastline

I grew up near San Francisco and would often visit family in Sebastopol, north of The City. This photo captures the beauty of the northern California coastline. Many people desire to live in a dry climate for a variety of reasons. I prefer misty mornings and nights, where the fog rolls in and burns off as regularly as the rising and setting of the sun.

Geology Field Trip 2003
Tiburon Hillside

This labrynth is located in Tiburon, just north of San Francisco. I visited this tranquil space while on a SUU Geology Club field trip. San Quentin can be seen in the distance.

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Pah Tempe Hot Springs, Utah
taken by Danny Arthur

What do you think of this?! My son, Daniel, took this picture of his friends and their father as we were walking down the path from the hot springs. I can guarantee their were no lights to interfere with the capture of this photo. I was amazed to see this floating image when I developed the film! Other mystical happenings would occur at this special place... I pet dragonflies and hummingbirds would land on my finger. I prayed that if there were any fairies, my eyes would be open to them. One day, when soaking in the springs, I thought a dragonfly hovered near my face while I was speaking to a friend. After a brief moment, it flew away behind me. I turned to see where it went, but it was completely gone. I asked my friend if he saw where the dragonfly went, but he had no idea what I was talking about - he hadn't seen it hovering while looking at me the entire time and talking to me. I asked another person if they saw the dragonfly, but again, they had seen nothing. I instantly realized my prayer must have been answered!