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I love my pets! While they don't live with me at the moment, they still have a special place in my heart.


Snowball is a white housecat. She has been with me for almost sixteen years. Born on a rice farm in Modesto, Californina, she loves to hunt! She is also familiar with chickens, as the rice farmer raised several breeds and sold eggs. Snowball traveled to Utah and lived with me there for five years while I attended Southern Utah University. She is the best kitty in the whole world!

This is the natural lighting of a blue light!


Foxy is half German Shephard and half Husky. When I moved on to property outside of Cedar City, I found Foxy and her Dad, Wolf, a full-blooded German Shephard. An elderly gentleman had passed away and his son was looking for a home for these wonderful dogs. I was alone on a secluded acre of property and needed guard dogs. It was a perfect match. Wolf was old and had hip displacia; he needed special care. I took good care of him until he passed. He always warned me whenever something came on the property - including every skunk and rabbit!
Foxy is such a happy dog! She has a big tongue she likes to lick with and her tail spins around instead of wagging back and forth. When I raised chickens, she would always keep them in line. When it snowed, Foxy liked sleeping outside. It must be the Husky in her!

(Foxy passed away August 2006 and is laid to rest in Cedar City, Utah)

This is not the real Foxy!
Sitting pooch